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The famous designer William Morris once said that you should have nothing in your house that is not useful or believe to be beautiful.  The same can be said about garden design.  And the best person to make that happen for you is a landscape designer. The immeasurable value of a landscape designer Whether you’re overhauling your garden, terrace or balcony – or you’re creating something new –professional landscape design will make all the difference. With a meticulous approach and thorough expertise, a landscape designer will achieve results you would not otherwise be able to achieve. They’ll also protect you from [...]

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Sheep Sculpture Garden

The playful, lush garden in Caulfield North showcases the results possible by engaging a landscape designer to translate a client's vision. The clients met with Lisa Ellis Gardens in 2014 at the recommendation of friends. Looking to refresh the façade of their Art Deco home, the clients wanted a complete redesign of their front garden. An initial site inspection revealed several sheep sculptures on the front lawn, brought over by the client after a visit to South Africa. The sculptures, made from wire and beads, were produced by African women from impoverished areas. The brief was these would be incorporated into [...]

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Deciduous Fruit Trees in the Garden

The benefits of planting fruit trees in the garden seem obvious; armfuls of ripe, heavy fruit to share with your friends and family. Anyone who has tasted an apple fresh from the tree can attest to the value of home-grown fruit. There is an immense satisfaction from the delayed gratification of nurturing a fruit tree through it's infancy, to be rewarded with your very own fruit. Many apple varieties like Akane, Bramley’s Seedling and Egremont Russet are not commercially available, and so the only choice if you want to try these types is to grow them yourselves. For the gardener willing [...]

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