Landscape Designs in Melbourne

A tailored brief and close collaboration lie at the heart of the studio’s success. For Lisa Ellis Gardens, every project is unique – and every design is bespoke.

Lisa Ellis Gardens partners with architects, interior designers and clients to create personalised garden designs. The team also works closely together on every project, each infusing their unique expertise.

At all stages they listen intently and think practically to transform personal tastes into honest designs – and develop smart, sophisticated landscapes that blend seamlessly with the architecture and the site.

The studio offers:

  • Landscape Plans for town planning
  • Concept Plans
  • Detailed documentation (Working Drawings)
  • Specific plans for planting, lighting or furniture
  • 3D renders
  • Virtual reality experiences

Refined over many years, the Lisa Ellis Gardens design process blends a proven formula with the passion and talent of its respected landscape designers, landscape architects and horticulturalists.

1. Onsite consultation

During this initial onsite consultation, Lisa Ellis Gardens defines the scope, brief and budget of the client’s project.

2. Design proposal

After an initial meeting, the studio sends the client a written summary of their project along with a fee proposal. This becomes the springboard for developing their concept designs.

3. Concept plan

Lisa Ellis Gardens creates a Concept Plan, which is a broad layout that responds to the client’s design proposal.

At this stage the studio generally provides an Opinion of Costs to track projected budget outcomes.

If desired the studio can create a virtual reality experience for the client at this point.  The experience and results can be extraordinary with this approach.

4. Working drawings

After the client signs off on the Concept Plan, Lisa Ellis Gardens prepares detailed Working Drawings for the build of the new landscape.

5. Tender procurement

For the hardscaping elements of their garden, Lisa Ellis Gardens offers tender procurement services to help clients find the right contractors.

The team then provides a quote for the project’s softscaping.

6. Landscape build

At this stage, the chosen contractor completes the hardscaping. The Lisa Ellis Gardens team then installs the softscaping elements.

7. Maintenance

Once the garden is complete, the Lisa Ellis Gardens team often provides regular or ad hoc maintenance.